Tax / French tax returns

GV-Paris has a team of qualified and experienced attorneys in the area of French tax law, serving a clientele composed of legal entities and individuals, either resident or non-resident in France.

Tax services include consulting, planning, auditing, and representing clients before taxing French tax authorities or French courts. 

With strong international experience, the team advises clients on diverse matters, such as:

- Advising non-resident individuals that are willing to buy a property in France (secondary residence and/or renting) regarding the tax structuring and the tax impacts  

- Assisting individuals that are moving to France or coming back to France (transfer of tax domicile in France), analysis and application of the tax favorable regime for impatriates with respect to income tax, wealth tax and gift/inheritance tax;

- Assisting individuals that are leaving France (transfer of tax domicile outside France), analysis and application of the tax favorable regime for expatriates (departure from France) and filing of so called "exit tax" return (as the case may be)

- Tax simulations (income tax, capital gain tax, , inheritance and gift tax, real estate wealth tax, corporate income tax); 


- Analysis and application of international tax treaties aiming to avoid double taxation and to get the benefice of tax credits;

- Filing of French tax returns for residents and non-residents with respect to income tax, real estate wealth tax, gift and inheritance tax and filing of so called "3% tax" return

- Tax audit assistance, regularization of tax situations (procedures, impacts, ancillary obligations, etc.);

- Taxation of crypto assets (ICO, web3.0, NFT, ICO)

- Taxation of real estate operation

- Taxation of corporate managers and companies;

- Tax structuring of corporate projects (setting up holding company for the main shareholder and CEO of the business);

- International and national taxation over inheritance and gifts;

- The transfer of family businesses using the "Dutreil Agreement" regime;


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