Family and Inheritance Law

GV-Paris has a very large portfolio of Brazilian, European, American, and South American clients with assets located across the globe. With an extensive know-how in international family law and succession planning, the Firm assists its clients with the drafting and registration of wills, with guidance on inheritances and gifts, with the drafting of affidavits on French and Brazilian law concerning family and inheritance law, with the transcription of marriage records and with the enforcement of divorce judgment pronounced abroad.

Over the years, GV-Paris has become the "family office for legal matters" of many of its private clients across the globe, guiding them in their projects and legal issues all over the world.

GV-Paris's attorneys act as interlocutors for their clients in dealing with other law firms, banks, accountants, insurers, etc. providing their clients a global vision of the project and/or the issue to be resolved. GV-Paris provides recommendations that have been previously discussed and analyzed by the GV-Paris team together with other service providers.

With an untarnished reputation in legal matters, GV-Paris in often asked by notaries, Courts and other Firms to prepare affidavits on the content of both Brazilian and French law.

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