Real Estate

GV-Paris has vast experience in real estate transactions in Brazil, France, Portugal, and Spain, and is one of the leading Firms in France Specializing in real estate law for international clients.

The team advises its clients on their real estate projects not only in urban and rural zones, but also along the coast.

With attorneys who are highly specialized in this branch of the law, the real estate team works in synergy with other areas of the Firm to provide legal security for its clients.

GV-Paris advises its clients at each step of the real estate transaction in order to guide and assist them - from conception of the initial project until its completion - including the planning of real estate acquisitions and sales, the performance of due diligence on documentation, the negotiation and review of notarial acts and of tax returns, the regularization of lots and modifications of co-owners regulation, the legal management of construction works or renovations, post-acquisition paralegal issues, as well as residential and work of arts insurance.

GV-Paris' real estate team also assist its clients in commercial, residential, or seasonal rent agreements.

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