A Firm in the heart of Paris, with 20 years of history of interchanges between Latin America and Europe.


GV-Paris was founded in 1998 by Ms. Maria Isabel Garcia dos Santos-Nivault in partnership with Gouvêa Vieira Advogados, a Brazilian Francophile Firm that was the forerunner in assisting individuals and companies to establish themselves in Brazil.


GV-Paris developed, beyond its initial scope, a practice of French and International law assisting its clients with institutional and patrimonial investments in Brazil and in Europe.

Since then, GV-Paris has evolved considerably, but remains rooted in the fundamental principles that have guided the Firm since its inception, namely a high level of both legal expertise and professional ethics.


GV-Paris's motto is to be a "attorney/partner" for its clients. The team believes that it is only possible to provide its clients with excellent service if there is a perfect understanding of their concerns, ambitions and projects.


Maria Isabel dos Santos-Nivault etablishes the Firm in Paris in partnership with Gouvêa Vieira Advogados, a Brazilian Firm established in 1930 by Mr Joao Pedro Gouvêa Vieira

2000 / 2011

The Firm, at the beginning dedicated to M&A and public tenders deals between Brazil and France, grew and developed the specialities of real estate law and international family and inheritance law.

GV-Paris's clients are individuals and companies domiciled in different Europeans countries, in North and South America as well as in Asia. The Firm works in close partnership with Family Offices, Privates Banks and Accounting Firms.

2012 / 2018

GV-Paris' team expands significantly recruiting new experts in arbitration and tax law; the corporate department is restructured.

2019 / 2020

In order to settle its development, the Firm is restructured under the name GV-Paris Avocats; Marina Mendes Costa (Arbitration and Real Estate) et Arnaud Colson (Tax) became partners.

The attorneys at GV-Paris are highly qualified and experienced professionals with international background (most of the lawyers are part of more than one Bar association). The team is fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish, and is constantly striving to remain updated to better advise their clients about any law change.

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